Accessories for drive-on docks


Accessories for FlexiPort and BoatLift


The winch is fixed on an aluminum tripod support. It is not used to mount the boat on the drive-on dock - an operation performed only with engine power - but, coupled with a hoist, to facilitate launching

It is part of the standard package on FlexiPort 650, 700 and 750. To adapt it to a BoatLift, it is necessary to add 2 lines of cubes at the top of the system

1.150€ VAT incl. - out of delivery

Bumper set

Bumper set for boat hull and pontoon protection

To be attached to 2 SunnyDock cube ears via 1 integrated connecting pin and 1 coupler screw + nut

57€ pc VAT incl. - out of delivery


Polyethylene light-duty cleat to be attached on a cube ear

31€ VAT incl. - out of delivery


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