Drive-on Dock


Drive-on Dock

A boat drive-on dock is a modular floating pontoon made up of floating cubes as well as entry and central floating parts equipped with rollers and wheels

Dry-docking is done by engine power only

The main purpose of this type of pontoon being to protect your boat's hull, the presence on the entry and the central parts of side wheels and/ or rollers is essential


3 reasons to invest in a Drive-on Dock

  1. Protect your hull
  2. Facilitate access to your boat
  3. Avoid antifouling, which is expensive and environmentally unfriendly

Dock Marine offers 2 ranges of boat ports, 19 standard models
to accommodate boats from 4.00m to 7.50m.


The FlexiPort range

The size of the FlexiPort corresponds to the size of your boat: you have a 6.50m boat? You need a FlexiPort 650

Models 400 to 600 are available in 2m and 3m widths (PLUS version). Models 650 to 750 are only available in 3m width

The FlexiPort 650, 700 and 750 are equipped as standard with a winch with hoist to facilitate the launching of the boat, the boat raising being done using engine power only



VAT incl. - out of delivery

FLEXIPORT 400       2.765 €
FLEXIPORT 400 PLUS 3.915 €
FLEXIPORT 450       3.120 €
FLEXIPORT 450 PLUS       4.415 €
FLEXIPORT 500       3.470 €
FLEXIPORT 500 PLUS       4.915 €
FLEXIPORT 550       3.815 €
FLEXIPORT 550 PLUS       5.410 €
FLEXIPORT 600       4.175 €
FLEXIPORT 600 PLUS       5.920 €
FLEXIPORT 650       7.430 €
FLEXIPORT 700       7.935 €
FLEXIPORT 750          8.435 €
Anchoring for drive-on docks

The BoatLift range

The side wheels are intended to facilitate the evolution of the boat on the BoatLift when going up and down, and to raise the hull above the side cubes, which is sometimes essential depending on the type of hull

BoatLift central parts measure 1m x 1m, so the different models increase in 1m increments (50cm for FlexiPort)

The 460 and 560 models are 2m and 3m wide. BoatLift 660 and 760 are only available in 3m width and fitted with 1 or 2 aluminium supports.



VAT incl. - out of delivery

BOATLIFT 460            4.220 €
BOATLIFT 460 PLUS            5.910 €
BOATLIFT 560            5.305 €
BOATLIFT 560 PLUS            7.300 €
BOATLIFT 660            9.235 €
BOATLIFT 760         11.155 €

Other products from the range


Anchors for drive-on docks