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A range of 4 modular floating cubes to fit all your projects

The SunnyDock modular floating cubes are made of high density blow molded polyethylene

They come in 4 models: single cube of 50 x 50cm or double cube of 50 x 100cm, either with heights of 40 or 25cm

SunnyDock is available in beige and grey. Any other colour can be made to order subject to a minimum quantity

Dimensions Weight Floatation/ m² # Part
A 50cm X 50cm X 40cm 6,3 kg 360 kg # SDS-01010
B 50cm X 100cm X 40cm 12,0 kg 360 kg # SDS-01040
C 50cm X 50cm X 25cm 5,4 kg 225 kg # SDS-01060
D 50cm X 100cm X 25cm 9,5 kg 225 kg # SDS-01050

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Exceptional flexibility, buoyancy and modularity

Assembled using connecting pins every 50 cm, a pontoon made of cubes is extremely flexible, making it ideal for use on rough waters such as the sea or ocean, as well as certain lakes and rivers

With a load capacity of 90 kg per cube (at a height of 40 cm), this solution also offers exceptional buoyancy of 360 kg/m², a value that can be multiplied by 2 or 3 by superposing layers of cubes

What's more, its total modularity means it can be adapted to any site, any project and any budget


The assembly of our modular floating cubes is extremely simple: the SunnyDock cubes, fitted with 4 ear at different heights, are connected to each other by connecting pins (1) tightened with a locking key (2)

On the periphery, the cubes are connected using a coupler comprising a screw, a nut and washers to compensate for differences in height between the ears (3)

Anchoring, gangways, railings and accessories









Secured floating pools and floating bathing platforms


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